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Survival is basically the process in which you fight against all odds to live and continue existing. While there may not be many situations where you need to practice survival techniques, there is always a chance that you may find yourself deserted in a desert or in the woods or at sea. While this may not be a very obvious or likely situation for you, the fact is that anyone who engages in outdoor activities is likely to fall into a situation where you may need survival techniques and skills to bail out.

For example, if you are someone who enjoys camping there is the likelihood of getting lost of getting separated from your companions. Those of you who are fond of sailing or fishing can find themselves in situation that they may never have dreamt of.

The survival skills that you may need when you are stranded in the desert versus those that will come in handy when you find yourself stranded in the sea are fairly different. It is a good idea to assess the kind of situation that is more likely to happen before you decide to tackle a survival skill program to learn the tricks of the trade. While the specifics of survival in different places may be different, there are still some aspects that are common and need to be heeded by all.

Typically survival skills help people get the basic necessities that are required to stay alive. These include water, food, shelter and habitat. Additionally, survival skills also need you to have the ability of keeping your head on your shoulders so that you can think straight and arrive at the steps that you need to take to get to safety zone.

For people not involved in nature, it may come as a surprise that there are some people who take part in special activities that require them to practice survival skills. Navigation and first aid are also basic essentials for someone who is participating in a survival camp. If you are planning for a survival camp then you should check about the items that are allowed in the camp and those that are not. Once you know what you are allowed, you will need to then plan the manner in which you will survive with the material and supplies that you have. While there are other survival camps that can land you in trouble due to rationed out food supplies others can be extremely demanding from a physical comfort perspective. But once you get the thrill of being in one, you will want to do it again and again.

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